Dermatology A Healthy Skin Spells A Healthy You!

Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness, and there is no short cut or miracles to wellness! A commitment to healthy routines is the manthra to achieve overall wellness. According to Ayurveda, The causative factors of skin diseases are classified into

  • 1. Hereditary
  • 2. Nutritional insufficiencies
  • 3. Digestive disturbances
  • 4. Inflammatory processes
  • 5. Age related
  • 6. Misuse of medicines/cosmetics /Cleaning materials/
  • 7. Infection

A dry body with thick scales (Icthyosis) is hereditary, mosaic patterned dry skin is because of Vitamin deficiency ,Indigestion and acidity trigger psoriasis(Psoriasis is also auto immune but needs a trigger factor to aggravate it) Eczema is inflammatory, Age spots are age related while melasma is menopause related, People develop allergic contact dermatitis because of irritant cosmetics/detergents. And almost everyone has dandruff because of flaring fungus! Any condition, the other medical systems postulate, Ayurveda has explained about it ages ago

Ama (the undigested nano toxins), which arise because of faulty food habits and a weakened Agni(digestive capacity), accumulate in the channels of circulation, causing blockages and subsequently leading to inflammatory and allergic reactions, which eventually lead to skin eruptions

Ayurveda explains about Brajaka Pitha (One of the five fire elements) in the seven layers of the skin being responsible for the clear and radiant skin. If the quality of the brajaka pitha can be maintained and balanced, overall skin health can be achieved. For a complete recovery, we treat the pitha sthana as well. So contrary to the belief that Ayurvedic medicines affect the liver and kidney, these medicines make them effective by reviving them With the right purificatory procedures, medication and food habits, many annoying skin conditions like eczema, urticaria, psoriasis and vitiligo, can be cleared completely.

Tried to lift a weight and almost injured my disc. Allopathy was suggesting a surgery. I was really scared. Then met Dr. Vijeyapall. Took treatment for fourteen days. Happy and back to work .

Thank you Herbzalive
Mr. Devarajan, Vice president, operations, Axis Bank

I was straining myself day and night for the deadlines of our magazine and eventually it took a toll on my health. One fine day woke up with severe pain in the left hand, radiating to my entire arm, and completely frozen. Not able to move my arm.

Met Dr. Shanti Vijeyapall. Took a therapy "Bahudhara " for a week.

Pain and stiffness complete relieved.

Thank you doctor@Herbzalive
Manavalan, Editor, Aval Vikatan




He was one of the two Gurus from the Chennai zone, to have been selected by the Rashtriya Vidhyapeeth, Delhi(RAV) to train the Ayurvedic graduates in Ayurvedic therapies. His specialization was on “Therapy for Ligamental tears of the knees"

Dr Simi Godagama

Dr. Shanti Vijeyapall

Chief Consultant

Dr. Shanti Vijeyapall supports and assists Dr.Vijeyapall in all his endeavours. Backed with experience in clinical treatments, Dr. Shanti is in-charge of the Hyderabad centre of Herbzalive.


Dr. Samundeswari Chandran

Senior Consultant

Dr. Samundeswari joined as a trainee student of Dr.Vijeyapall and rose to become one of the pillars of the Herbzalive main centre, Kilpauk, Chennai.