Health Packages
Executive Health packages (EHP)

This EHP is exclusively designed for high level employed executives, who have to face pressures on a daily basis and function in stressful conditions. This package is aimed at stress management and will work wonders on the mind, bringing it from beta to alpha level. We use simple techniques that recharge and rejuvenate the person.

This package is designed for 10 days (2 hours per day) comprising of the complete Panchakarma therapies distributed over 3 stages – Preparatory Treatment, Main Elimination Treatment, Post Rejuvenation therapy. This is better explained in the 4 phases given below:

Phase 1 (First 3 days):

A moderate therapeutic massage is performed to relax the stiff and sour muscles that have occurred due to bad posture and other strains. This process facilitates lymphatic drainage, thereby cleaning 10 out of the 15 channels.

Phase 2 (Next 3 days):

Liquifying the toxins from all parts of the body towards the main channel – the gastro-intestinal tract. 3 more channels of the body get cleansed at this stage.

Pradhan Karma (Main Elimination Therapy)
Phase 3 (One day):

This is to clear out the remaining channel and accumulated toxins, which will then be liquefied because of the elimination therapy.

Phase 4 (Last Four Days):

This is done to tone up the relaxed muscles, improve the blood flow and complete the whole body rejuvenation.

Annual Health Package

In this package, we offer you Treatment and Consultations for your health problems throughout the year, giving you the advantage of safe and experienced medical support 24x7. This package has 52 weeks of Abhyangam with one free consultation each month, with 7.5% discount on medicines.

The treatments are done periodically, to detoxify the system and to rejuvenate them. This package also offers a range of simple therapeutic massages, which are a part of the Shastika Pinda Swedam treatment – a specialized anti-aging therapy.

In case you want to discontinue the package, it is transferable to any other member of your family or friends circle.

Children Healthcare Package / Management

The growing need of the hour is to create healthy children, as there is an increased exposure to unfavourable hazards in today’s lifestyle. We aim to develop good health - both physical and mental, in school going children. We also help them to develop better memory power and advice them on healthy living.

This package primarily consists of:

  1. Mild therapeutic massage to correct postural defects
  2. Health kits, such as:
    1. Basic Kit: This comprises of drugs to regulate metabolism
    2. Treatment Kit: A combination of drugs to regulate metabolism and combat simple diseases
    3. Boost Kit: Comprises medicines to boost the growth of bones and muscles
  3. A monthly session to advice them on healthy lifestyle
  4. Periodic assessment of their health at proper intervals
Women’s Health Package

Women have specific requirements and their body requires focused attention. Herbzalive has specially designed Panchakarma therapies to take care of the physical and emotional problems associated with the menstrual cycle.

Detoxification Therapies

These therapies follow a scientific approach hand-in-hand with the ancient Ayurvedic techniques and aim in detoxifying the system – thereby rejuvenating both the body and mind.

Geriatric Healthcare Package /Management (GHP/M)

These packages have been designed specifically to help the elderly adults cope with the complications of aging, ailments associated with old age and debility. With out therapies, you will be able to improve the quality of life with minimal difficulties during your old age.

Anti-Obesity Package

This package has been designed to address a growing concern among all age groups of people today – obesity. Through this package, we aim to reduce the excess fat, to correct irregular metabolism and to clear the body channels. Purificatory Vasthi (Enemas) is done, followed by Udwarthanam (Deep dry massage with herbal powders) is done which mobilize the accumulated fat and reduce it subcutaneously. Specially designed diet programs prevent further fat accumulation in the future. We also prescribe specific yoga postures which help reduce and maintain body weight. Apart from all this, internal medicines are also given to increase fat loss.

Stress Management Package

In today’s fast paced world, proper stress management becomes a necessity for a healthy life. Our stress management package lays emphasis on calming the strained nerves and aggravated neurohumours. This program is a combination of both internal medicine as well as calming exercises for the mind and body. Programs such as special abhyanga, sirodhara etc., work at the physical level to soothe aching muscles and tensed nerves. This package helps calm down your stress levels and bring back the natural rhythm to mind and body.

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