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Stress management packages

Stress management packages

Stress is a major trigger factor for many diseases. Even if one is physically alright, increased mental stress can ruin the health completely. Many of the life style diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, and Obesity and Hyper cholestremia are associated with stress. This package is specifically designed for those waiting to explode with tension and for the overworking think tanks.

Therapy consists of Shirodhara (Sleep inducing, Calming therapies), Shirovasthi(Tranquilizing therapies),Abhyangam (Relaxing massages) and shirolepam (Herbal applications)

As this therapy targets the Sthapani Marma and Aagna Chakra this is useful for people who have flaring tempers, mood swings, depression and anxiety.

This is a package for seven or fourteen days, depending on the symptoms.

This is priced at outright 25% discount of the regular rates.

Tried to lift a weight and almost injured my disc. Allopathy was suggesting a surgery. I was really scared. Then met Dr. Vijeyapall. Took treatment for fourteen days. Happy and back to work .

Thank you Herbzalive
Mr. Devarajan, Vice president, operations, Axis Bank

I was straining myself day and night for the deadlines of our magazine and eventually it took a toll on my health. One fine day woke up with severe pain in the left hand, radiating to my entire arm, and completely frozen. Not able to move my arm.

Met Dr. Shanti Vijeyapall. Took a therapy "Bahudhara " for a week.

Pain and stiffness complete relieved.

Thank you doctor@Herbzalive
Manavalan, Editor, Nanayam Vikatan




He was one of the two Gurus from the Chennai zone, to have been selected by the Rashtriya Vidhyapeeth, Delhi(RAV) to train the Ayurvedic graduates in Ayurvedic therapies. His specialization was on “Therapy for Ligamental tears of the knees"

Dr Simi Godagama

Dr. Shanti Vijeyapall

Chief Consultant

Dr. Shanti Vijeyapall supports and assists Dr.Vijeyapall in all his endeavours. Backed with experience in clinical treatments, Dr. Shanti is in-charge of the Hyderabad centre of Herbzalive.


Dr. Samundeswari Chandran

Senior Consultant

Dr. Samundeswari joined as a trainee student of Dr.Vijeyapall and rose to become one of the pillars of the Herbzalive main centre, Kilpauk, Chennai.